Lets try this again…

In the first post of DoubleRod’s Digressions, I warned you. I said my interests waxed and waned. I TOLD you to expect contradictions and wild changes in position from post to post.

I didn’t warn you to expect me to take a year off between posts. But, it seems that is precisely what I’ve done. My last post here was in June of 2010. As it is now June of 2011, it makes PERFECT sense to me to restart this blog.

My initial intention was to blank everything out and start fresh. But, I decided to read what was already here. Its not really current, or timely anymore. But, there are three things in its favor.

First, I never publicized this blog, so other than me, no one ever read any of it.

Second, the point of this blog is for me to write. To teach myself to organize and present my thoughts on things. To act as a sort of diary, or recording of my scattered interests and wandering positions on things. Theoretically, over time, this will serve to line up my beliefs on things and sort out that which is of real value in my head. The few previous posts here can do nothing but add to that process.

Third, I read them again, and I kinda like them. They entertained me as much as they did when I wrote them. I found nothing in them that I believe to be untrue or inaccurate over time.

SO, the old posts stay! As always, If you don’t like them, don’t read them. I promise to not be offended. But, fair warning, if you like the new posts I intend to write, you will enjoy the old ones too…and if you don’t like the old ones, you should probably skip the new ones.

Like, I would guess, most bloggers, I intend to write here daily about something. I have no clue what. Gaming will be involved. Music. Movies. Politics. Religion. Comedy. Whatever intrigues me, pisses me off, or makes me laugh is fair game. As things progress along, I would like to be able to organize the posts somewhat. Different tabs for related interests and such. But initially it will be presented as I’m writing it. One big pile of stuff!

As always, your feedback is more than welcome. Suggested topics are welcome. My absolute right to ignore your suggestions remains intact! But, I can usually come up with an opinion on almost anything. If I quote someone, I will try to correctly cite the original source. If I use a statistic, I will effort to confirm its accuracy. But, honestly, I AM NOT a source of record on almost ANY subject.

The point here is not to get quoted elsewhere.

The idea is for me to essentially vent. To write out some piece of the pretty much constant stream of opinion and commentary that vascilates from one ear to the other in my head.

The only rules here are:

1. I will say it as I see it at that moment. It is entirely possible, in fact it is probable, that how I see it will change DRAMATICALLY. Probably by the time you comment on my first opinion, I will have another one.

2. I will offend you. I will use the word fuck in many forms and several variations and dialects. And then the real adult language will commence. This isn’t just for the sake of using shocking language. It’s because that’s how I think. In my head the language is quite salty. The previously stated goal here is to record the stream in my head. Therefore, It’s gonna get a little rocky. BE PREPARED.

3. Not that I really expect a whole lot of comments, but may as well state it up front. If you decide to comment, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your interest and your involvement. If you choose to come here and try to start drama with other commenters, I will happily and swiftly delete your comments and ban you.  I like snark. I like sarcasm and cynical comments. I even like disagreement. But, I don’t have to put up with personal attacks or plain trolling.

With all this in mind, I thank you for reading this far. I thank you for stopping by. It would make me really happy if something I write here makes you smile, or makes you think, or helps you understand something new.

I hope its worth what you paid for it…now…what was I thinking about…


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