Different moms mean a different world?

Yesterday I waxed philosophic on the importance and value of podcasting in the greater arena of public discourse. The next show I heard proved my point. Dan Carlin’s shows, Common Sense and Hardcore History, never fail to make you think. The Suffer the Children Hardcore History show was no different.

The show starts out detailing the treatment and conditions children were raised under. Dan sprinkles commentary and speculation on the effect these parenting methods had on past societies and the effects we still feel from them today. Despite the sensational stories of child abuse and neglect we are fed nightly, as a group kids have it pretty good by comparison.

The final phase of the show focuses on the ideas that the children of the 60s would change the world and if you want a different world, give the world different mothers. Put together, the true contribution of the baby boomers may not be their direct contributions to politics, economics, art, literature, culture or really any other facet of society. The transformation will come from their focus on protection and development of the best generation of children in the history of societies.

At no time is this subject presented with the idea that the old way is better or that the new way is worse. In fact, it holds up the protective and supportive culture of parenting as a vast advance in society as a whole.

This subject in general would be difficult to even broach on a traditional radio show. Would be far too dangerous to see TV. And, required a length and degree of focus too lengthy to work in print. Carlin could take his time developing the background before starting to insert commentary. Could increase the levels of commentary as he progressed. And could let the facts take his conclusions wherever they led him rather than concerning himself with backlash from his corporate arm, while keeping the ability of his listeners to respond and contribute in whatever way they chose. This degree of freedom allows a confidence to express what could be misdirected into a controversial point of view. Its a freedom most media and public figures legally have, but in practice cant take full advantage of. Its a freedom that we as a society sorely need, and podcasting is tailor made to provide.

Agree or disagree with Carlin, or me, Its something to think about.


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