We shall see what we shall see…

For most of my life, I’ve had very little restraint in offering up my often long-winded opinions on any number of subjects. Some I have a degree of knowledge or basis for my views. Many I have absolutely no basis or really business having an opinion on.

Certain persons have encouraged me, somewhat in self defense, to submit my thoughts to a wider audience. So, I now subject you, dear reader, to the wanderings of my thoroughly scattered mind.

DoubleRods’ Digressions will start, as I imagine many blogs do, with no real limitations on content or subjects. Essentially my personal white space. That means probably politics, religion, current events I find comment worthy. Possibly the bizarre interactions I have with my daughters. Certainly my skewed view of music and movies. A healthy dose of sports and books.

I tend to move in cycles, so if i go off on say movies, it may last a few posts. If you aren’t interested in movies, first, my view of them will rarely be based on the ‘movieness’ of the movie, or the ‘literary value’ of the book. Its gonna wander off to whatever point my mind goes. Second, if its not interesting, skip it! Its a blog post, I won’t be offended, and I’ll be on to something else in short order!

Also, if language offends you, I WILL OFFEND YOU! I won’t mean to. I probably won’t even realize I did it. But there will be no ‘F-bombs’ here. If ‘fuck’ is called for, I’ll say ‘fuck’. And eventually, probably much worse. Fair Warning!

So, we shall see what we shall see. Worst case scenario, some text boxes stay a little less full. Best case, we entertain each other.

Either way, I digress.


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